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Ours is a story of constant growth, with more than 30 years of experience. Over the last three decades we have closely followed the changes that have completely transformed the business ecosystem worldwide: the irruption of the internet, the digitalization of services, the globalization of trade, the development of new technologies and the change in the rules governing business which have revealed a complex world in which the quality, security and efficiency of legal actions are crucial. Our solutions adapt to the changing pace of the world, are personalized and delivered and allow our clients to focus on their business. We currently operate in five regional offices that provide services to companies in Latin America and globally.

Senior Partners

Dra. Virginia Cervieri Senior Partner


Dr. Pablo Monsuárez Senior Partner



Doctor in Law and Social Sciences from the University of the Republic, Uruguay (1996). Postgraduate degree in Commercial Law, University of the Republic, Uruguay (1998). Master in Intellectual Property. Professor of Commercial Law, University of the Republic, Uruguay (2006-2009). Specialist in trademark and anti-piracy law. Trademark Agent. President of the Chamber for the Fight against Piracy and Smuggling. President of the Uruguayan chapter of the World Jurist Association. Expresident of the CERTAL Uruguay Chapter. She was a founding member of the Permanent Commission for the Defense of Intellectual Property Rights of the Ministry of the Interior. Member of the Anti-Piracy Committee MARQUES. She was Vice President and then President of INTA’s global committee on trademark counterfeiting for the 2016-2020 period. Member of the board of AUDAPI (Uruguayan Association of Intellectual Property Agents) for the period 2020-2023. Languages: Spanish and English.


Doctor in Law and Social Studies, University of the Republic, Uruguay (1994). Postgraduate in Commercial Law, University of the Republic, Uruguay (1998). Bachelor’s degree in Law Philosophy. Master in Business Law, Austral University, Argentina. Attorney of the Uruguayan Chamber of Transport. Specialist in Commercial Law and Transport. Author of the article “Uruguayan case law on the enforcement of arbitral awards” in ElDial.com. Legal advisor of Cipriani Group for Latin America. Member of the Chamber of the Uruguayan Bar Association. Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.